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Originally Posted by -31- View Post
Tougher schedule? The Islanders, the Lightning (riding a 3 game losing streak), and the Bruins (should be and was a tough game) were the teams they played. How is that a tougher schedule? It's nice to see it's not just stats you're immune to. It's logic of any kind.

Why do you think management studies stats?

I have never said that information can't be gained from watching the games. That's a ridiculous thought and a strawman argument. Something can be gained from both. Unlike you, however, my opinions from watching the game are never in so much conflict with evidence.

I think it would be appropriate for a fan to completely ignore statistical evidence if they fit all the following critiera:

1. Watch all 82 games.
2. Have a strong grasp of what drives winning and losing.
3. Have an ability to interpret what they are seeing without any bias.

I don't know any people that do, however.

The process you are describing is silent.
The lightning and Bruins were at the top of the standings at the time (not the very top but in the playoffs) and the Islanders is always a very tough game. So, that is a tough three game stretch. Since then we have been playing teams on the outside looking in except for the Habs (and Sens) which were not impressive while still managing to beat us twice. The schedule has been lighter since BB has been back.

Look he has played poorly but I would still like to see him on our 4th line in a reduced role. At this point, I think his poor play is partly due to Torts putting expectations on him which are too high and so when he hits the ice he is trying to live up to the player Torts tells him that he is; and he is just not talented enough with his stick or skates to do that. If expectations were managed properly, Brian can play 5 - 7 ES minutes night, be a primary penalty killer and if he's having a good night on draws be used down the stretch when protecting a lead. But to play him on a 3rd line slows down our momentum too much and just isn't the way he should be used. Hopefully, Torts comes around to this thinking.

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