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02-27-2013, 03:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Av-merican View Post
Good Lord, now we're speculating about the possibility that Jones will be dealt and then that team will buy him out!? Even if they use the compliance rules to buy him out, you people do realize they still have to pay Jones millions just to have him walk away for nothing, right? Just because the cap hit isn't on the books doesn't mean the money isn't.

People, get a hold of yourselves, David Jones's contract will not lead to the downfall of the Avs--there are plenty of other factors that have nothing to do with Jones that will lead to that.
Im not worried about the contract, I think by the time this team becomes a contender in a couple years, the contract wont even be horrible in relation to the new cap.

For me its more about the fact that when we are competitive I don't think there will be a spot on the team for him to effectively fill.

Our forward core in 2 years without factoring in a potential ROR signing/asset acquisition AND our pick in this years draft will look as follows:

Landy - Duchene - PaP
McGinn - Stastny - Downie
Olver - Sgarbossa - Pajamas
McCleod - Mitchell - Bordeleau

In 2 years Pirate and Olver will both be effective 3rd liners. Pajamas is the only ?? of that group. And once you factor in a potential Mackinnon/Drouin/Shinkaruk/etc. on the roster, or the ROR trade asset there just doesn't seem to be a whole lot of room for Jones, who has to play in a Top 9(arguably top 6) to be effective.

Now obviously right now isn't the best time to trade Jones, but my hope would be that he picks it up a little bit before the deadline. If he can have 8-10 goals by the deadline, I think we could move him for a 2nd + a mid prospect. 13 goals in this shortened season is the equivalent of 20 over an 82 game season. If he can be at that pace at the deadline some contender out there will pay for that goal scoring.

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