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02-27-2013, 04:56 PM
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Ryan Whitney keeping it classy with fans on Twitter.

Ryan Whitney ‏@ryanwhitney6
Had annual meeting with NHLPA docs today about PEDs. Was shocked to see supplements Rage, Swagger and Jungle Remedy are banned substances
Jared Gushattey ‏@Jgusher
@ryanwhitney6 I think you could use a little swagger right about now sir
Ryan Whitney ‏@ryanwhitney6
@Jgusher about as much as you could use a salad or a gluten free diet #slob
Jared Gushattey ‏@Jgusher
@ryanwhitney6 Just because you got a sharp ***** in the ass from the pine doesn't mean you have to be one. Some people still cheer FOR you..
KrazyKanook ‏@KrazyKanook
@Jgusher @ryanwhitney6 Holy ****** bag Whit. I don't think he was bashing on your there. #getagrip #dontforgetyourmillions
Yeah... I'm never cheering for this piece of **** ever again. Get him out of here.

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