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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
-****** He was a great player for the Habs. He was just not a good captain for them. They desperately wanted him to be the new French Canadian face of the franchise, and he disappointed them, just like Savard did 7 years prior. And this is where this thing comes from.

I still get the impression that “Turgeon points” are somehow considered a different currency compared to points scored by any literally other player.
What you're saying is false from my experience , very few people ever thought of Turgeon as a potentiel next french-canadien great star.Turgeon wasn't an arrogant or unpleasant guy either , so the fact that nobody (or very few) thought of him as a potentiel french-canadien star despite his numbers is actually a pretty solid indication that something was wrong with this player , especially considering the Montreal fanbase tendency to glorify their french-canadien players.They did it with Carbonneau , they did it with Damphousse , they even did it with Latendresse , but not with Turgeon.Why? Because nobody ever saw a star or someone who could lead the team even if only in an quiet offensive way in him.

The Turgeon case is a tough one to explain , and that's why you managed to get so far with it , because most people are unable to clearly express what we all saw that was wrong with Turgeon.I'm not hating on Turgeon at all , I have no reasons to hate him.This isn't because you compared to Roenick , we had the same discussion last year when I had nobody that really compared to Turgeon.

Of course Turgeon is an ATD player , and was a fine pick when Dreak and vecens24 picked him.

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