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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
Goalies depend on the team in front of them, yes.

However, goalies with a 5.6 million dollar cap hit should not be utterly dependent on the team in front of them for success. If Bryz at least looked good out there (like he did early) that would be one thing. But, he has not looked good.
this says everything. this is it. the whole point. the heart of the disagreement. I remember when i watched hockey and didn't give a **** bout what anybody made. that's where i'm still a dinosaur. i just don't care about that cap hit. i probably would if it was over 7 like pekke rinne's no cup no vezina winning cap hit. I'm kiddin, i still wouldn't. a player or anybody for that matter is worth whatever someone is willing to pay them. opinions on salary is just a futile unwinnable argument. and besides toronto what are we talking about? florda? that was on the team.

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