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Originally Posted by eva unit zero View Post
Speaking of Geoffrion... what puts Richard above Geoffrion in 75 other than the fact he lost the scoring title due to a suspension? If you go ahead with GPG and PPG, then you have to acknowledge that Geoffrion was better the prior year, and both Howe and Geoffrion were better the following year. It's an interesting quandary for Richard fans, isn't it?... Richard is legendary for his pimping of French culture in Quebec. But he wasn't a better player than Jagr.
Say what now?... the intangibles, everything Maurice Richard brought to the game & the ice, depth of play, a complete game changer in comparison to Boom Boom, and quite a different animal altogether from a Jagr. If you feel JJ is a superior player, and I can empathize, appreciate & do respect such an opinion, no problem. Agree to disagree on that one, but you wont hear me suggesting Jagr is legendary for pimping Czech culture and not hockey, something that in both cases transcends points of origin. Sure, xenophobia exists even still between English & French Canada, Canada & the US, Europe, and it surely is a shame, but to suggest that someone thinks Richard is 5th Best All Time simply because of some dated anachronistic revisionism in buffing his resume' as Hero of Quebec? Well, thats just disingenuous. It belittles the player that he was.

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