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Originally Posted by Brodeur View Post
Depends on the parameters of the league. Aside from the cap ($160), how many teams are involved? What is the position breakdown? And how do post-draft free agents work? Auction draft is fun since it is variable based on your particular rules.

If there are at least 10-12 teams, I usually find that inexperienced auction draftees spend a lot of money at the beginning of the draft and then have to wait until the end to fill up their teams after depleting their cap. I usually let other teams waste their money up front and pick up a bunch of solid players in the middle at a discount. But that strategy won't work as well if it's a shallow league (ie, 8 team mixed league).

One strategy that seems not to be utilized enough is nominating a player that you have zero interest when it's your turn to pick. Given the general volatility of closers, I usually toss them out early on and let others pay full value (and then some) to get a name brand guy like Mariano, Papelbon, etc. Similarly, I can usually find somebody who'll pay full price for Joe Mauer while picking up a reasonable hitting catcher for $1 at the end.

And if you're playing with friends, it's fun to make them pay a homer tax for their favorite players.
Originally Posted by mapes View Post
What I do is outline how much I want to spend per position and keep track during the draft. If I spent 3 dollars less at first than I expected ill add a few to someone I really want.

Also don't go crazy early. Many people overspend early and then you get guys for way below value. I mean unless its a stud you really want (Kershaw, Stras, Trout..). But I wouldn't go crazy. After a few rounds you'll see how prices dip.

I also typically don't nominate players I want. I try to nominate the guy who will likely go for the most out of guys I don't want. Reason being, force others to spend money. But don't bid on guys you don't want just to drive the price up. I was an idiot my first auction draft and did that and ended up with some guys I didn't want.

Auction drafts are a lot of fun.

EDIT: lol I just noticed the guy above me said almost all the same stuff. I didn't read his post until now I swear lol.
Thanks for all the responses guys.

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