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02-27-2013, 04:58 PM
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Originally Posted by billybudd View Post
Please. The Toronto media has hated Kessel's guts with no justification for longer than Winnipeg has even had a fan-base for the particular franchise Kane plays for.

And yeah, it's worse.

Kane shaved an advertisement for another man's business into his hair and the Winnipeg media didn't like that because it's something an 11 year old would do, then forgot about it a day later.

Can you imagine the uproar if KESSEL did that? It would be endless. There would be no articles written about the games until he was traded. Just op-eds about his dumb haircut on the front page 6 days a week.
You are wrong if you think the level of insults Kessal recieves are similar to the ones Kane gets you are ignorant. Its not only about the media. I've heard people say and I'm quoting "I don't hate Kane cause he's black, I hate him because he's got a ' N words' attitude." I've seen multiple people on twitter call Kane a "D bag n word"

These insults are completly unacceptable in 2013. Nothing that Kessal gets called will be even close to as offensive as some of the **** that Kane has to put up with. And I'm paraphrasing. They weren't saying "N word"

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