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Originally Posted by peter sullivan View Post
I don't understand why they want to change from the current top 8 playoff system. What do they believe is better about this convoluted system. It allows even bad teams to be in the race until the end. Put 15 teams in each conference, divide them in any divisions you want and go top 8. Imbalance solved. 7 or 8 team divisions. It doesn't matter. You don't need a math degree to figure out the race.

I don't see how a complicated wildcard system is more desirable. Anyone know the rationale?
I don't know what is convoluted or complicated about this?!

The rationale is simple...
(1) Everyone (NHLPA and each NHL franchise) seems to want to try and minimize time zone travel...thus division playoffs for round 1 & 2
(2) But...the NHLPA apparently did not like the fact that a 5th place team could have a better point total than a 4th place team and still miss the playoffs (ie: weak division vs strong division)...thus the "wildcard"
(3) The top 8 playoff structure that you suggest can potentially create the 2 time zone travel matchup in every round...while the proposed divisional playoff structure with "wildcard" can only create a maximum of 1 potential 2 time zone matchup in round 1 & 2...thus better for travel AND (much more importantly) better for TV (prime time games=more viewers=higher advertising=ultimately more NHL revenue)
(4) Putting a 15th team into the West Conference means 1 ETZ team will be 100% more disadvantaged than the other 15 ETZ teams in regards to travel, TV, playoffs, etc...and to subject any one of the ETZ to this would be simply wrong and unfair

End result...
All the ETZ teams are together...with no time zone travel until Stanley Cup Finals...but the trade off is they have a lesser chance to make the playoffs (50% vs 57%)

It looks pretty good.

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