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02-27-2013, 05:55 PM
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Originally Posted by avalanchuck View Post
Why not? LA has two teams... LAK & LADA... aka LA Kings and LA Ducks of Anaheim.
What is the attendance difference between Lakers/Clippers, Ducks/Kings, and Dodgers/Angels if you know? Because one of those teams always have attendance problems due to the other one being a bigger market.

Originally Posted by Frenchy View Post
Québec and Toronto would work , Seattle i have my doubts ... but maybe that's because i want to have a team back in Québec .

Québec is a small market but they have crazy hockey fans and an onwer with money , newspapers/web and his own sports station , to make it work .

Toronto is also an insane hockey market , plus they have enough population for another Team, i have no doubts . The only thing i wonder about the Tor2 is that they could take away fans from Ottawa , who is a small market and need every sports /dollars per fan to survive .
Originally Posted by Bender View Post
I'm actually from Southern Ontario and went back a few weeks ago for the first time in 14 years. I was SHOCKED to see so many cities around Toronto who's population has literally DOUBLED in that time span. (For example, I remember Oakville had 99,000 for the longest time, now they are at something like 171,000)

There's been a HUGE population boom in the Toronto region, I have no doubt that a team in Markham or whatever would EASILY work and it wouldn't hurt the leafs one bit.

I used to be a huge believer that hockey could work in Seattle, but I am starting to question. I mean them, Milwaukee/Madison, Omaha, or Portland would be the best cities to put a new hockey team for the United States (don't listen to the hype about Houston, Virginia Beach, or others). Don't worry Frenchy, I see Quebec as a better version of Winnipeg and look how good they have been with an average team. It is just a matter of time before Quebec gets a team! Overall I think it would be awesome to see Quebec and Seattle get a team.

I actually have my doubts of Toronto's 2nd team would be a success, like how many Leaf or Senator fans would become Markham fans? But based on these posts it is very interesting to see that you guys say it will work. I just hope Hamilton will not get a team because that is a big chunk of Sabres fans gone and I like the Sabres.

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