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02-27-2013, 07:07 PM
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Observations from some impressive people...

St. Louis Blues coach Ken Hitchcock: "They don't give up easy ice anymore. You don't get odd-man rushes. You don't get lots of time in the offensive zone. There is no easy ice when you play them now. Every piece of the ice is contested.

"Last year, they played kind of a hybrid game where there was a lot more attacking going on and a lot more numbers on the attack, but it opened up odd-man rushes against. This year, they've lowered the risk and increased the wins. I think there is a great answer there. They play a very smart, manage-the-ice game.

"When you watch them play, every time you look there are five in the picture. And when there are five in the picture that leads to winning hockey."...
NHL Insider

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