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Originally Posted by 86Habs View Post
From what I've heard (as I'm sure others have also heard), Kane has quite the attitude on him which I'm not sure would mesh well in a Team Canada context and with some of the veteran players who will be on the team. Obviously a hugely-talented player, and he's playing really well this year, but there may be a bit more risk than reward with him. I still personally have Hall and Benn on my team over Kane at LW.
I read those things about Kane, but I also read that he's perfectly fine. I don't see him as being any more concerning than Seguin, who has his own supposed issues. Kane's KHL play was quite bad, but I actually liked him at the WC last year and he brings a nice package of size, speed and is a natural winger. I hope that he is at least invited to the summer camp.

Originally Posted by Xokkeu View Post
I also disagree these players aren't valuable in international play. The US junior team beat Canada because Canada played like a disorganized all star team while the US team had players who knew their roles and fit the place. I will gladly hear your better options.
No doubt Canada played as you said, but it was an issue that pervaded even the loaded first line, which has nothing to do with the guys on the fourth line. I'm also hoping that Yzerman doesn't make his decisions for the 2014 Olympics based on the 2013 WJC, and instead looks at the 2010 team that he picked.

Your Marchand pick is surprising but reasonable, as he's having a very strong year and has proven chemistry with Bergeron. Schenn and Simmonds are completely pointless picks though. If you want someone to do what Schenn does, why not just pick a superior player in Couture who is similar? Benn does everything Schenn does and much more. Simmonds is behind countless players who could bring some solid all-around wing play on the fourth line. That kind of thinking leads to Zamuner type selections.

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