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02-27-2013, 06:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Ober View Post
the NHLPA apparently did not like the fact that a 5th place team could have a better point total than a 4th place team and still miss the playoffs (ie: weak division vs strong division)...thus the "wildcard"
Not arguing with the rest but I still don't see the point of the wildcard unless it was a crossover from an 8-team division to a 7-team division, effectively negating the discrepancy in playoff odds like the CFL does. The wildcard as currently proposed is no different in terms of weak conference vs strong conference (not the reality of travel of course) than having an East-West crossover in the present system where, for example, 3 years ago the 11th place team in the West had more points than the 8th in the East.

If the quality of competition between divisions was really a concern (i.e. the weak division vs strong division), why have the division leaders under the present system been guaranteed a top-3 spot when it's possible the 3rd place team has less points than the 9th? It still feels like a logical inconsistency to me and makes it feel like they originally had balanced conferences with unbalanced divisions, meaning the wildcard evened out the odds for everyone.

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