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02-27-2013, 06:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
That works in the 90s.

This is not the 90s. If you aren't actually worth what your cap hit is, and it's a large cap hit, you're a detriment. That's a flat out fact, ignoring it doesn't change it. Why do you think everyone is so annoyed with Briere? If he wasn't paid 6.5 million cap dollars he wouldn't be a problem. However, he IS paid 6.5 million cap dollars...and the cap happens to be dropping by about 6 mil next year. Therefore, Briere becomes a pretty big problem. Any expensive player who doesn't play to his value (Exactly like Briere) hinders the team in deeper ways than simple on-ice mediocrity...he hinders the team's ability to sign better players to make up for him; before the Cap, that didn't matter, unless your team was poor. This is how the NHL works in the Cap Era.
i understand all this of course. and don't act like people wouldn't complain if briere was not paid the way he is cause they would base it off who he was in the past. but goalies are different. i just don't see a better move at this point. i like how he's been playing including the toronto and florida games. all goalies can be better at times and they ALL let in crappers but i see a lot of problems with the decisions the other five guys on the ice make opposed to bryzgalov's play and confidence. he's earning that contract this year. i just think that term. the term is what gets that thing amnestied cup, vezina or not. its gonna happen. so don't worry. he'll be gone next year. i can't wait to see what we wind up with next tho.

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