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02-27-2013, 06:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Bender View Post
The reason why it's off is because of the age difference between the two players. If RoR was a finished product, I would be inclined to agree with you but he just turned 22 a few weeks ago. No matter which way anyone wants to slice it, there is NO WAY in hell, anyone is going to convince me that RoR can't get better than what we've seen in his 3 full season in the league since coming in at age 18.

Bryan Little is going to be 26 years old this November and, unless I'm missing something is pretty much the guy you're going to get going forward. Don't get me wrong, I like this player, I think he's a good all around guy and I like his versatility:

2007-08 Atlanta Thrashers NHL 48 6 10 16
2007-08 Chicago Wolves AHL 34 9 16 25
2008-09 Atlanta Thrashers NHL 79 31 20 51
2009-10 Atlanta Thrashers NHL 79 13 21 34
2010-11 Atlanta Thrashers NHL 76 18 30 48
2011-12 Winnipeg Jets NHL 74 24 22 46
2012-13 Winnipeg Jets NHL 19 3 9 12

This is essentially the guy you're getting.

With RoR, putting up 55 points as a 3rd year forward, 20 year old (turned 21 on February 7th) with his first REAL chance at significant Power Play time, THAT'S the reason why it's not as close as you think between the two, in my opinion anyways and that's also the reason why Bob McKenzie tweets stuff like..."the price is going to be STEEP"...and rightfully so.

Note - Rank is amongst forwards on the team.
I don't disagree with you. I think ROR will continue to put up points, or increase his totals if given a true 1st or 2nd line role with good linemates.

That's a tough sell though if the other team is giving up Little, plus a better/more valuable piece than Little. I don't think the Avs could land that kind of deal unless they added pretty good piece to O'Reilly. It'd have to be at least Barrie, and that possibly might not be enough if they have concerns with him. The Avs don't have any other similar pieces in terms of value, unless they're giving up their 1st, which would be doubtful in that kind of deal.

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