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02-27-2013, 06:41 PM
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Game time. That's the biggest thing that's killing baseball in my opinion. The NHL did a great thing when they cut out a lot of the crap and got the games to almost a uniform 2 1/2 hours. Basketball games last 2 hours. Football...well they're an exception that's able to get away with it because they only have one game a week (and the simultaneous nature and constant downtime allows things like NFL RedZone to can't do a RedZone-type thing for any of the other sports).

But baseball games can take anywhere from under 2 hours to...well 20+ inning games can take ~6 hours, but the big issue for me is the fact that the Yankees and Red Sox are on TV all the ****ing time...and their games take forever. I read a stat last year somewhere that said that Yankees-Red Sox games lasted a full hour longer than the average game in the National League. Games like that are a 4 hour time investment with less than 10 minutes of actual action involved.

Shave that down to 2 1/2 hours and I'm loving it, but the games just last too long. When you have 30-40 seconds between pitches watching the sport on TV just becomes a chore. I love baseball, it's in my blood and if being a Pirates fan since 1993 hasn't killed my love of the sport then nothing will...but I can't watch games that don't involve my favorite team and I have to be doing something else when watching Pirates games to be entertained. When I watch a Penguins game I'm watching the Penguins game. When I watch a Pirates game I'm watching it on one screen while I play MLB [Insert Year Here]: The Show on another screen.

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