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Originally Posted by Avs_19 View Post

I wish. I bet the Bruins wouldn't even trade him straight up ROR.
I've dreamed about it, but, thinking on it long and hard, I don't think there is any realistic situation in which they let Hamilton go. He already looks great, and their defence is not getting any younger.

Originally Posted by CobraAcesS View Post
It's not like O'Reilly isn't worth Hamilton, their first rounder will be pretty late as well. Then it's basically Jones for a pending UFA Horton.

Even O'Reilly + Jones + 2nd for Hamilton, Horton, and a 1st.
Honestly, I think O'Reilly + Jones for Hamilton + Horton is pretty damn close to fair value. Unfortunately, I think it's going to take far far more than fair value to pry Hamilton out of Beantown.

They get cost certainty in Jones, O'Reilly fits their team mold and they can move Seguin to wing. As unrealistic as it sounds it's basically the only thing I could think of as far as a trade between the two teams(Involving O'Reilly that is).

We know they are looking for big 2nd/3rd line wingers who can score as well, because everyone thought Boston was going to be the team getting Ryder, now that ain't happening and he went to a team they are competing with as well. We also have a trade history with them.

Getting O'Reilly & Jones together makes the trade work for them, even with the loss of Horton. (Seguin moves to wing replacing Horton, and Jones fills their need for a 2nd/3rd line winger.) They also can afford to lose Hamilton as promising as he looks.
O'Reilly does fit their team mold, perfectly, that's the only reason I let myself dream about a trade with them.

Seguin already plays wing, so that hole would not be as easily filled as that. If they picked up O'Reilly, Krejci would soon be on his way out of town to plug whatever hole they opened up in the trade. Unfortunately for us, Jones doesn't really fill any needs on their roster. They have better offensive options on the top two lines, and better defensive options on the bottom two, with enough offensive depth stashed on the bottom two to make him irrelevant.

The more I think about it, Boston would probably be more receptive to something like O'Reilly + Siemens for Hamilton +. Fits their (few) needs better than Jones does.

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