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Originally Posted by Jetsfan79 View Post

Central would be the division with Chicago.

Atlantic would be the former northeast - Toronto, MTL, BOS etc. If you really think about it, it's very fitting since the divsion would span the whole atlantic coast from north to south (down to the Florida teams)

The American division would have the NY teams. Very fitting for a few reasons. 1. The tie-in with a NY team once being called the Americans 2. Its the only division with all American teams including historic and patriotic cities like Washington and Philly - even Columbus ( heck just look at their jersey - it screams of an "american division" team) . 3. Good for marketing/selling the game with TV in the U.S....."Tonight a classic American division tilt between Philadelphia and New York!!!"...

Since I heard of NHL's division names with "Mid-West", I wanted Chicago to keep its division name, and have the MTL/BOS/FLO division called "Atlantic" for the exact reasons Jetsfan79 mentioned. But I could never come up with a name for the PHI/NY division so I never bothered posting anything.

"American" division is a perfect fit.

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