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02-27-2013, 06:54 PM
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Originally Posted by LadyStanley View Post

CBC taking poll on division/conference names. "Classics", "New Classics" or "Geographical".
I'm honestly surprised to see so many people voting for geographical there.

I like the Classics idea and I love the New Classics (mind you it's mostly because I want to see the Flyers be forced to play in a division named after a Penguin), but the geographical names just always rubbed me as sterile.

That and the names become difficult with the conferences back in play. The Atlantic can be the Atlantic with no problem and the Pacific can be the Pacific with no problem...but aside from that it's difficult. You can't have an East Division within the Eastern Conference...but you can't call it the Northeast while having teams in Florida and Michigan in it.

The Midwest Division is a hilarious name to me, considering there's only 3 teams from that division that's actually in the broad term 'Midwest'...but the Mid-West that I consider has only 3 teams - 2 of which wouldn't be in that division (as a Pennsylvanian the states I see as the Mid-West follow the borders of north of the Ohio River, west of Pennsylvania, and east of the Mississippi: Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, & Wisconsin...but I can buy Minnesota being involved in that because of the Mississippi River rule, but to name it that without Detroit or Columbus being in it is just hilarious).

edit: You're not going to have an Atlantic Division involving teams that were never in the [current] Atlantic Division. That would be needlessly confusing and not fix any redundancy issues. That division has far more teams nowhere near the Atlantic Ocean than the actual Atlantic Division will. While it's funny to see Columbus in a division named the 'Atlantic' instead of Florida or Boston it doesn't makes less sense when things are taken on the whole - Detroit, Toronto, Buffalo, Ottawa, that to 6 out of 8 teams in the proposed Patrick/Atlantic that are within an hour or two of the Atlantic Ocean.

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