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02-27-2013, 07:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
Pietrangelo is more valuable. Why would I get myself involved when people are being far more reasonable there than in here?

I know we don't have a Diaz. That doesn't mean we're giving up Simmonds. And if you think Rinaldo or McGinn are anything remotely like Simmonds in playstyle then you know nothing about Simmonds.

Not all sandpaper players are the same. McGinn is closer to Knuble/lesser Hartnell than anything. Rinaldo is just a faster Carcillo. Neither are anything like Simmonds.

Maybe we should work something around McGinn, if that's the kind of player you need.

Yes it is. This is coming from the same fanbase that brought you "Eller is as valuable as Couturier."

As I said before. Eller is not Couturier. Diaz is not Rafalski. And honestly, this is getting annoying.
"Ouch" on the cheap shot. Eller is going to show he is comparable to Couturier over the length of their careers. No, Diaz is not Rafalski. Yet. Yes, he can develop into Rafalski in the right situation.

You know, I love how Couturier is a guaranteed great player because of one decent season and a very good playoff run. Sounds an awful lot like JvR. How is HE working out for you? You know, the guy who was such a high draft pick, who was "untouchable", who was too valuable to the team to trade for ONLY a goalie? How many Cups have you won with Carter and Richards, the other "untouchables" you informed everyone would never get traded? Your record on this site is full of some rather large "homer" statements, and with a house made of such glass you might want to be careful about tossing pot shots around at other fan bases and fans.

I will repeat. Couturier is comparable to Eller. Diaz is comparable to where Rafalski was after the same number of games in the NHL and at the same age. Saying someone is COMPARABLE to somebody else does not mean the other player is being denigrated. You think your statements are any less like a homer's than anyone else's yet seem to forget how wrong you have been over the past few years in print on this very site. Have you noticed that your defence of Couturier's superiority is based on Couturier being younger, but your derision of the Diaz/Rafalski comparison doesn't even have the age factor included? Nice way to flip flop based on which side of the argument you want to push.

We agree that Diaz and Eller for Simmonds is a non-starter for Philly. Stick to factual statements like that. Your ability to evaluate other players is limited. Heck, your ability to even know anything about the very team you write about is rather porous, so try and stick to the team you supposedly follow and know before trashing other teams' players.

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