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Originally Posted by MsWoof View Post
If you want to be pissed at someone for Carter being injured, blame Pronger who took the shot that broke Carter's foot. And I am saying that sarcastically because I can't believe how many people blame a player for being injured. Do you think they want to be injured? It's absolutely ridiculous reasoning. In that game when Pronger broke his foot, Carter had already scored one and scored on that play, too. In the slot (but he's soft) and even though he was in pain he still put the puck in the net.

And, no, everyone in Philly is not expected to fight. Does Briere fight? Does giroux? Gags? Kimmo? Coburn? The biggest single problem with Philly fan culture is that they keep re-living the Broad Street Bully days. Newsflash: That type of play died soon after we won the second Cup. The league has evolved and the Flyers need to evolve with it, as do the fans.
I think it's just Carter's size that puts out that idea. Briere for example is small and fighting someone for him would be considered laughable. But Carter is 6'4" so a lot of people believe that he should be throwing his weight around. And Coburn doesn't fight but don't people expect him to throw a lot of hits?

And it doesn't help the fans when litterally all I see are highlights of the present or the broad street bullies era whenever I go to games. The 90s were a lot of fun and yet I feel like that time period is completely forgotten. I can only take so much of the rocky theme song to Bobby Clarke celebrating to 'the flyers are going to win the stanley cup!'

And does that mean I can't hate Pronger, cause I really dislike Pronger and I could always use another reason to hate him

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