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02-27-2013, 07:50 PM
Joey Moss
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Well, it's certaintly interesting that we'd have a few members of our management in Philadelphia scouting the Flyers. I mean we aren't playing them this year so it's not like we're scouting for habits/system. I'm going to play it safe and say nothing will happen because

a) They will not give up Couturier unless we're giving up something pretty big
b) They need D, yet have no cap space; Whitney only fits the bill if we are getting Danny Briere back.. which makes no sense. Why would they be scouting the Flyers players anyways if it was for Whitney? We're only likely to get a pick or a minor prospect.

Kind of a weird situation.

I guess Couturier is the only reasonable player we'd be scouting if a trade were to happen between us.

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