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02-27-2013, 07:58 PM
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Originally Posted by coolboarder View Post
This is not how it works here, buddy. Look at my most recent post.
I know it's not how it works. In my post earlier, I didn't ask you guys here where you came up with these things, I asked: "Where do 'they' (meaning the League) come up with these things?"

So technically, with the way the League is planning it, a Pacific team crossovered to the Central could then eliminate all the Central teams, and thus essentially be a so-called Central champ (small "c").

You know, again this is idiocy. Every time this League does something reasonably good, it then does it in such a way to **** it up. It did that with the 6-Divisions, they were ****ed up right from the beginning. They're doing it now with this new "Central Division" that includes Florida teams, and now with this ridiculous Playoff seeding format.

Each of these 4 big Divisions should have a representative in the Final 4.

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