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02-27-2013, 09:16 PM
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Originally Posted by wrister39 View Post
I meant how long do you think Pelech should have been suspended. Most non biased fans believe he deserved more than 5 games. Unsuspecting player, intent to injure and premeditated.

In fact, you are right about the rules regarding replays after penalties. In this case, I think it worked out for the better. I saw Elie's hit live and on replay several times. Ask anyone at the game that day, it was shoulder to shoulder. Is Brown concussed?

Cousins got 4 games hitting a player from behind, head contact, into the glass. You'll notice some yahoos on the London board on swearing and complaining about that saying Branch hates the Knights. Do those people have credibility when they proclaim another team has unfair advantages?
I would say 5 games for Pelech was maybe a little light, perhaps 6 or 7 would have been better. I say that because he did cross check twice but it was not full throttle to the head. It seemed to be more of trying to get him to fight but none the less not a good penalty for Pelech to take and yes Brown has a concussion and has not played since that hit.
I agree that the replay did work out to get the right calls but that still violates the league rule but to be honest I have no idea what punishment the league would hand down for that rule infraction. Perhaps it raises the question should officials be allowed to view the replay before the call? The officiating in the league has been relatively bad for years so maybe that would help.
I did not see the Cousins hit so I can not really comment on that. I just heard it was the average hit from behind.

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