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02-27-2013, 08:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Lion Hound View Post
His callup could have and should have been so much different that it was.

Rangers lack toughness. Departure of Rupper, injury to Asham and Bickels inconsistency literally left the door wide open for a tough guy who can actually play the game. Mash got a chance and just didn't deliver. He missed on two things.
1)He's big but didn't play like his size suggests. Should have played balls to the wall in his limited time. Really go after it. Instead he played it tentative. Could tell he wanted to play it safe. He ended up getting in trouble with it and as a result was sent back.
2)He never goaded anyone to drop the mitts. Plenty of chances to as the club could have certainly used a spark. I'm sure Prust would have been game.

One thing that always drives me nuts though. It's OK for the big names to make mistakes on a nightly basis, but when 1 guy fails to get he puck up the boards and out of the zone he then gets the one way ticket to palooka-ville!

I think for a coach when you have a kid like this that you don't know anything about but do know the intangibles you let him loose. I don't think that is what transpired here with Mash. Unlike the bulk of Rangers fans I want to see him get another callup for a closer look at what they really have. A call up against the Flyers, Isles or the Bruins.

thank you finally!!! rangers here are like watching the news, everythings always negative and they keep harping on those negatives...He young, going to make mistakes and I think he has enough potentials to play that role and excel in that role once he gets his feet wet...

Prust wasnt prust untill he was coached up by torts and look what happened to him signed a 4yr-10m contract.. We have to do this with miller, kreider, stepan, mcd, mdz mistakes will happen but they learn and are only going to get better with time, so lets give it to them!!

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