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Originally Posted by Bender View Post
You say that you don't disagree but you are (which is fine by the way) if you are including Barrie OR our 1st round pick which is completely and totally OFF-LIMITS. This is what this whole thing is all about: keeping Sacco as our head coach, waiting to make a move for RoR, it's all about the player we are eventually going to get with that pick in June. There is absolutely ZERO way that draft pick is going anywhere.

About the matter at hand, if you look at the stats that Little has put up so far in his career (I thought it would be unfair to only posts RoRs):

You can see that his very best season was his first FULL season in the NHL playing 4:00m per game on the PP with Kovalchuk amongst others. His 4 full seasons in the NHL average out to 45 points and I'd say that's about average or maybe even a bit low for a 2nd line center/top 6 winger. That's with full/adequate PP time, something that RoR only had last season. His stats are a bit reminiscent of what David Jones has put up the past few years. Don't get me wrong, I think Little is a better all around player than Jones but it puts things in perspective.

*To reverse the situation, if the Jets needed to trade Andrew Ladd and we were offering David Jones and something else but NOT Duncan Siemens at any cost. That's about the way I see it right now. (obviously Jones hasn't started the season on time but he'll get his points unless he gets injured, he always goes hot and cold)

You seem to believe that adding something to Little would be a stretch or a 'tough sell' because he's close to what RoR is where I believe it's not as close as you might think. A kid who had the kind of season RoR did, at that age, while playing elite defense is absolutely quite rare. So when you consider that O'Reilly is already better than Little AND still has room to keep getting better PLUS the fantastic defensive play, that's why I don't think it's as close as you think. If it was and he was just 'close' to what Little already is, do you really believe there would be 12-13 teams interested? Not even close.
I agree in what you think O'Reilly will be going forward, especially on another team with a bigger role.

I disagree with how much you think the Avs can get back in addition to Little, if the Avs don't add a big piece to O'Reilly. These are two different things. If the other piece from the Jets is that much better in value than Little, I think it will be close to equaling O'Reilly in value. So that means whatever else we add would have to equal the value of Little. I don't see that being O'Byrne, O'Brien, or Wilson, or whatever the forward or propect equivalent would be.

Maybe it will be more clear if we talk about what you think the second piece would be in addition to Little. If the main part of the deal from Winnipeg is something better than Little, what would that be? Bogo? Trouba?

If it's Bogo or that kind of value, than I'll stick with my belief the Avs would have to add a big piece rather than a depth D. If you mean Trouba, I'm not really sure on that because I have a hard time assessing his value. I'm a little wary of his ultimate offensive upside, but it seems like most people value him pretty highly.

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