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Originally Posted by Stu Macher View Post
I'm watching The Master again now, and this time I've kept an eye out for Freddie's mental state stemming from the war. Looking at that, I think it is a big aspect of what made Freddie the man he now is when the movie starts. Of course, in the beginning, he is in a military hospital, where they're discussing the mental struggles of the combat veteran.

Also, seeing the scene again where Freddie is walking back and forth from the wall to the window, I noticed that every time he made a "realization", where he felt something not literal, it was at the window. He couldn't see the wall as anything but a wall, and it constantly frustrated him. I think this comes from his desire to be free, and his fear of confinement. This is mirrored by the motorcycle scene later.
I'm not sure what effect the war had on him to be honest. I think he is just a naturally ****ed up person.

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