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02-27-2013, 09:17 PM
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Originally Posted by MNNumbers View Post
More - I know you love this realignment stuff, but come on, really? When did they start to do the schedule for this year? Are you saying they started before the CBA was done? I don't think so. I can appreciate that the schedule maker would like some time to work, but to say they have to start this week, which is what you are implying here, is just not factual.
No, I'm saying that they have a rough deadline to get this realignment confirmed because they want to start working on the schedule. Look at Winnipeg when it took over the Coyotes, they essentially slotted the Jets into the Thrashers schedule for that first Season. I'm not saying that they can't create a schedule even later in the Season, I'm just saying that if they do put one together, and they will start working on it soon after the alignment is confirmed, that they won't then toss it all aside and start a new one just for one team.

If Quebec City is to get the Coyotes, we'll either hear about it at the time this whole realignment is officially announced as being finalized, or else the other 3 options are:
- The Coyotes won't be moved for next Season
- The Coyotes get moved to a western city
- Quebec City gets the Coyotes but they'll play in the West for at least one Season.

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