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Originally Posted by TheLegend View Post
Who says he isn't?? Other than the fact he likes to take advantage of free access to the city owned suites at and Camelback Ranch what else does anyone really know?

She's looking at the bigger picture. I put forward a few weeks ago the concept that Ellman used the NHL franchise as a loss leader to a much bigger project Westgate. Ellman was going to sell off the entire project this coming year had he been able to build it out on schedule.

The Coyotes were part of a bigger thing. Not meant to stand on their own. That's why you saw Glendale fighting so hard to keep the team there. Most here can't seem to see past that.

Oh boy....... could I have fun with that one.....
Regarding the sense of urgency, this has been dragging on for 4 years. Everyone knows nothing is going to really happen until you get towards the end of April. Potential owners are going to posture between now and then. Why would he have a huge sense of urgency?

I understand that Glendale had this huge plan, but it didn't work. No one bought Westgate out of foreclosure and the bank wound up taking it over. Tanger came in, but what else do they have? In absence of other development the Coyotes are going to have to stand or fall on their own. Even if there is other development in Westgate its not like any of the potential Coyotes owners are going to be a part of that.

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