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12-20-2003, 07:08 AM
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Knicks Chaney in trouble, could Sather be next??

All the papers say that Chaney is in trouble if the Knicks losing ways continue. I dont see how the Rangers situation is that much better than the Knicks. Knicks haven't been to the postseason in what, 3/4 yrs. All we have heard about Chaney is how much Dolan loves him and whatnot and the contract extensions. Hopefully, Dolan will realize that Sather's 2 yr plan or whatever it was had failed, badly. Like many of you in here I am a season ticket holder and it has become so dishartening to see the empty seats in the Garden. With the highest payroll in the league, Dolan has to realize he is not getting the "bang for his buck"

I do realize that the Knicks aren't selling out and the Rangers are. However, it's all the secondary money (beer, soda, food) that really hurts these teams as well.

Since the Dolan's aren't selling anytime soon, I guess we can only hope that they realize Sather, like Chaney, is not the answer....

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