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02-27-2013, 09:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Takeo View Post
Think about the freakin 49ers. I think they have 15 picks this year, including #31 and #34. And they get a bonus 2nd round pick by trading a backup. Geez.
Tell me about it. They are also pursuing Revis HARD. That would put them over the top, though I would HATE for Whitner to win a Super Bowl

As for the draft, I hope this is how it turns out in terms of what positions we draft

Round 1 - QB
Round 2 - WR
Round 3 - LB
Round 4 - CB
Round 5 - LB
Round 6 - OG

As for specific players, I'd be ecstatic with Geno Smith, DeAndre Hopkins and Bruce Taylor as our QB-WR-LB top 3 picks. All 3 should be very good NFL players.I also would jump on Shamarko Thomas or Justin Pugh if either of them are available in the 4th. Thomas will be a stud safety, the kid is a devastating hitter. Think Roy Williams in terms of physicality but way faster and way better in coverage.

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