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Originally Posted by Stu Macher View Post
Some of my thoughts have to do with the fact that he did have the young lady, Doris, in his life before he went to war. She cared enough to send him a letter, and be upset that he didn't respond, and frankly, I don't see a girl being that into the post-war Freddie that we know.

In the processing sequence, the first time Dodd asks him if he's killed anyone, he says no. The second time, he quickly responds yes, and that he killed "Japs in war", and that he doesn't feel bad about it. I think it does kind of bother him, although he justifies his actions. Later, he snaps at Dodd's son-in-law, saying "I served on a warship that sunk 13 ships and won the war". That's one of the only times he acknowledged his time in the army.

Also, I think it is a big part of the mystery that is Freddie Quell because Paul Thomas Anderson has said how much of an influence John Huston's documentary, Let There Be Light, had on The Master. That documentary is about WWII soldiers that suffered emotional trauma during war.
That's interesting. I didn't know about the documentary.

My feelings came from the fact that he admitted to having *** with his Aunt though I am not really sure we can trust him as being honest. He also mentioned that his mother suffered from mental issues as well.

Either way, I have had a lot of fun wrestling with the movie even months after seeing it. Just a monumental achievement.

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