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02-27-2013, 10:55 PM
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Originally Posted by CHRDANHUTCH View Post
not exactly, silvercanuck, it depends on what each team's PDC states in case of leaving early, when Florida announced they were ending their stay in Rochester by Thanksgiving of 2009, after Buffalo and Rochester split after 29 years 3 years hence, under Golisano, and then Terry Pegula, who inherited that PDC, TO GET back to Rochester, which the Sabres ended up buying, btw, cost Pegula 650K, to buy out the 2 years which Phoenix, as Buffalo, and Washington and Anaheim before them are required to find the next team before signing w/ someone else.

Phoenix elected to not renew its deal in SA, SO no matter if the Coyotes remain in AZ or are in SEA, THAT AFFILIATION remains, independent of the issues btwn VAN and CHI, keep in mind, each relocation is different, so if Levin does buy the Coyotes, there's some chance the Wolves might be sold to someone else, similar to what TNSE had w/ Manitoba, there might be a caveat, that any conflict of interest, or a rule wshere you cannot own 2 teams in two leagues even though they're affiliated, that's why you saw the original agreement w/ Danny Williams being part of the TNSE transfer to St. John's.
Uh.... first of all, comparing the Wolves with the Moose doesn't make sense, as TNSE had to move the team as they wanted to bring an NHL team into their market and they didn't think Winnipeg was large enough to support both teams. Not the case for a group wanting to bring an NHL team in Seattle and keep an AHL team in Chicago.

Second, there are no rules against owning multiple teams in different leagues. Don't know how many teams have it that way, but right off the top of my head I can tell you that the same person owns both the St. Louis Blues and the Peoria Rivermen. And there's another very relevant example of a NHL team also owning their affiliate, which leads to....

Third, TNSE still owns the IceCaps. They're just leasing the team to the Newfoundland group.

And fourth, and most important, it's a moot point entirely, as the Wolves are one of the biggest draws and most profitable teams in the AHL. There's zero point to sell a team like the Wolves unless you're just no longer interested in owning an AHL team. If they do, then they could easily gain affiliation with the Wolves, and the profits from that would likely more than make up for whatever momentary (and relatively minimal) economic hit the new ownership would take by changing affiliation early.

Assuming that they move this offseason to Seattle, that is. All just an exercise in futility if they move anywhere else or stand put.

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