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02-27-2013, 11:30 PM
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Originally Posted by SJeasy View Post
MacT was worse than the Todd because he fell into non-creativity. He also had issues as a motivator with his old school style which doesn't work well with players who are getting their wealth early. The days of fire breathers are almost done. The Todd doesn't shoot himself in the foot on the motivational side and he is at least somewhat creative. His record with the PP prior to this year is outstanding. It isn't just having a high number on PP, it is taking a good PP and achieving even better numbers. It is differential, not the raw number.

In terms of drafting, I will give you one Oiler success who stands out because he is the exception, Petry. I am looking for guys drafted past round one who can aspire to more than last pairing or lower line minutes. Guys who, if traded, can garner more than 200 games elsewhere. Not guys who fall out of the NHL scene as soon as they leave the Oilers. All teams will have prospects show up for half seasons or more when injuries or personnel shortages dictate it. The Oilers later rounds are absolutely pathetic.
The bolded to me applies to Todd's coaching: Players coast and seem unmotivated, have same 5 on 5 formulaic offence of dump and grind, and he couldn't adapt to St. Louis team that beat us 8 out of 9 times last season. MacT was able to adapt to the opponents (Detroit,even the Sharks) during that 2006 playoff run more so than Todd has ever shown me in the playoffs or within a game.

As for current late round success stories, yes I agree with you there hasn't been many vs. some of the gems the Sharks dig up, but their recent picks (Gernat, 5th Round;Musil, 2nd Round; Marincin, 2nd Round) over the last two years have potential of being useful NHL D men. Can their drafting be better? Hell yes, but I believe it's been better since Kevin Prendergast was fired in 2010 and Stu MacGregor took over.

If you want to talk more on this PM me, but I should get back on topic.

Realignment, yay playoff rivalries!

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