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02-28-2013, 12:22 AM
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Originally Posted by TwInS1095 View Post
Everyone is saying that we expected too much of him too soon and we are going to have to be patient and wait possibly a couple of years maybe even 2-3 years to wait for him to figure out his game in the NHL and become the player we thought he would be from the get go.

Your the one needlessly ripping him, nitpicking, pointing out every mistake possible and not giving him credit when he does play a decent game...while exaggerating and going out of your way to point out any small thing he does wrong if he does something wrong.

If you actually read the majority of us agree that he was overhyped, but the majority of us also agree that he still will become a good player--he is too talented, with too large of a body of work, and too driven of a player not too succeed.

What would the AHL do for him? He dominated the AHL when it was stronger competition than it is now. DOMINATED. While, battling through injuries and thus conditioning/chemistry problems + adjusted to a smaller rink he scored a point a game. HE DOMINATED. He isn't going to gain anything down there.

Granlund, whether you agree or not, is slowly, but surely getting better, improving and figuring out how to succeed at this level. Watch the game without looking to find any small mistake he will notice he makes a lot of good plays too.
I agree with everything besides this.

I mean, while I agree he is better to be in the NHL than the AHL, I still think it is a point that is worth discussing and still is a legitimate debate to have.

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