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Originally Posted by Liberati0n View Post
Californication should have been put out of its misery. It's a train wreck at this point.
There were a few that I was surprised to find.... made it.

Glad to see The American's making it. They've drawn me in, and I look forward to Wednesday nights now to see it.

I wish someone would shoot that dead-horse of a show: Hawaii Five-O

Every week it's the same thing... they keep expanding the plot, and then, with 10 minutes left in the show, they introduce a new character you haven't seen up to that point, and he ends up being the bad guy.

I hear the guy who plays MacGarrit is in & out of rehab so much that the shooting schedule for his drugs is easier to plan for than shooting an episode.

They're running out of ideas for Criminal Minds too. It seems like every other show they shoot sucks. I used to really like that show. Now, it's like I enjoy every other one they air.

OH... and pluleeze... cancel the X Factor. I used to like Simon. But his show is way too long... and I don't want to hear some 12 year old kid named after the Jetson's dog try to rap and then compare it to singing a song. The kid couldn't even rap.

Astro... are u kidding me Simon?

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