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Originally Posted by Hippasus View Post
Why? Someone might judge what one thinks is best and favorite differently.
You're right, let me rephrase that-- "I" think they're the same thing.

But I do kind of think it seems kind of disingenuous to have criteria for something being good that doesn't have to have any correlation to how much you actually get out of it.

There's no reason the term "favorite" should be associated any more with conventional fun/entertainment/rewatchability than appreciation/interest. It should be a combination of both-- But if you aren't satisfied by something AND don't appreciate it, then why would you give it credit on a level that outweighs how you actually feel about it? Seems backwards, cold, and calculated to me.

It's more just a logical knot/peeve I have than some statement I'm making. I treat them exactly the same way.

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