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02-28-2013, 04:01 AM
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Originally Posted by PocketNines View Post
Hainsey doesn't make 4.5M. He makes 3M and is on the final year of his contract. His cap hit is 4.5M which is irrelevant. If the Blues acquired Hainsey with 20 games to play they'd be paying him 750K because the 3M salary prorated down to 1/4 is 750K. Money in no way is an issue with acquiring Hainsey.

Also, Hainsey isn't the top-pairing answer we've all been talking about on D. He's a non-physical PMD who blocks shots. However, he is inconsistent in his own zone and with his decision making sometimes. Kind of like most 2d/3d pairing d-men can be inconsistent. What he would do is be an upgrade to Russell (the Russell of this season, not last year's playoff Russell) who can give you more minutes. Since you don't trade for a situation where you carry eight d-men, you have to send one back. Russell would be the only option. If the Jets aren't interested in Russell (none of us know) then there's no deal to be made. Later on, if one of the dmen get hurt then the Jets wouldn't have to take on Russell and the Blues could trade some non-1st round future to get him.

It's not an either-or situation, just because the forwards are banged up. I could see the Jets taking Russell back if they know Hainsey isn't returning next year. Russell is an established NHL roster player who frees up cap space going forward, saving the Jets probably 3M a year in cap space (4.5M vs. ~1.5M). He's off to a poor start but ~12 games coming off a lockout do not negate ~350 NHL games of established experience. Point is, viewing Russell purely as worthless garbage because he's having a poor year so far is just wanting to vent. It's not realistic. Doesn't mean Jets want him, just means that it's a legitimate basis for a deal if they would prefer a roster player to futures.
Maybe we could get Nikita Nikitin from Columbus for Russell

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