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02-28-2013, 05:54 AM
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Originally Posted by GangGreen View Post
I wonder if you'd have the stones to call him that to his face. Somehow I doubt it.
You seem to have quite the obsession with him. Did he steal your girlfriend?
Hopefully, just like the Spits, you'll go away soon.
No obsession with anybody,just stating my opinion,the fact it does not lineup
with yours and some others does not bother me in the least
The real shame is watching some of the younger more skilled players sitting instead
of a 19 year old thug,when there is no need to dress him,especially against a short roster team,they dressed him the last time when Bilcke did not play,how did that turn out for ya? A 5-2 thrashing in case u forgot
Anybody who critics Boughner for dressing tough guys is hypocritical when their coach does the same thing
Besides somebody has to lookout for your younger players as it relates to development
London isnt and neither is a lot of the fan base
As for disappearing not going to happen soon,unless u can offer something poignant
rather then criticize those who ruffle your feathers

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