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Originally Posted by coolboarder View Post
I really liked the 4 conference plan but they decides to add wild card to further complicate things. I was looking forward to the round 3 match-up with the east and have the best team remaining rather than the best teams playing in the semi-finals and have the worst team possible from the west. Remember, Minnesota/Pittsburgh series from the 1991 playoffs under the old format. It was a mis-match from the start of the series and we all could see that Pittsburgh is going to win the cup anyways. If we ever had the round 3 with no east/west, just the whole semi-finals then, we could see the best team in the SCF maybe Edmonton or Boston-Pittsburgh finals if they scrap the two conference plan with the 4 conference that time.

There are a lot of possibilities and I believe 1993 playoffs was the last time it happened with the divisional playoff format. The best playoff I ever remember was the divisional playoff format rather than the conference format.
Minnesota-Edmonton was also a mismatch that year, and Minnesota wiped the floor with them. Also, I believe Boston had more points than Pitt that year. Would have been Bos-Min, Edm-Pit in the semis. Secondly, that series went 6 games and Minnesota had a 2-1 lead. We have seen Finals with alleged better teams that turned out to be much worse mismatches. 95, when Detroit was the best team in the East, got swept.

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