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02-28-2013, 06:36 AM
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Originally Posted by JACKETfan View Post
Interesting, but the guy refutes his own premise when he says, "As you can see, there's no perfect solution. It's precisely why I don't understand why the NHL is doing this now. Obviously there is a need to do something." Then he offers another imperfect solution.

Realignment has never been just about convenience or perfection. It's about marketing too. The NHL has seen attendance rise when new teams come to town. We saw it in Cbus too. This realignment is another step in that direction.

Realignment is a periodic jiggling of the PR machine.

And creating two apparent slots in the West signals a desire for expansion out west. The writer's Eastern-centric Snobbery is evident. Remember when they said Columbus couldn't support a team? And for you youngsters....they said the same thing about LA, and Vancouver, and Dallas, and Tampa, and Miami.
The same was said about Kansas City, Atlanta and Oakland. Which is apropos of nothing, but true nonetheless.

Short term, I think the 16-14 is just about appeasing both Detroit and Columbus. I think the league would like to simply swap Columbus and Winnipeg, but can't do so without angering a significant constituent in Ilitch and the Wings. Long-term, there may be hopes of expansion out west to balance the conferences, but there is significant support for a team in Quebec as well. And has the situation in Phoenix stabilized?

Anyway, to reiterate - I think the league wants to fix the Winnipeg situation, but is left with few palatable solutions.

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