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Originally Posted by glovesave_35 View Post
Look at the numbers the two are putting up. I'm not saying Morrow is a world beater but his
numbers look good and he has a solid reputation around the league. If Morrow had continued his
**** numbers I would be inclined to think he should only return an Engelland type player.
Without a NTC, I agree with you. I don't think I'm being too conservative saying that Dallas is going to get a diminished value though with a limited group of trade partners.

The assumptions I've made, and to me seem reasonable, are that GMJN will probably move him East, and Morrow is only going to a top team. When you look at the top teams in the East, there aren't many roster players that immediately jump out as being available.

Hopefully he would move Morrow for a future asset, but the assumption I'm making again based on the Ryder trade and comments about last years trade deadline make it seem reasonable he'll try to turn him into a roster player.

I'm playing the percentages, or the way they appear to me at this point, and guessing this is the type of trade that happens. The biggest thing going against me though is GMJN having no problem not trading huge fan favorites like Modano and Turco in the past. The reason I think he does do that in this scenario is what I already mentioned .... I think Nieuwy is happy with two rookies in the Top 9, and I think Gulutzan will be reluctant to put Morrow on the 4th line.

Dallas' problem right now, a great one they haven't had in forever, is they have more than 12 forwards who deserve to play every night. I believed that's the reason Ryder was going to get trade for future assets. I think most people fell in that category. Obviously, that plan didn't work out. Now they still have an overflow of players and an opportunity to improve the team. I think that's what GMJN will try to do.

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