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Originally Posted by Gnova View Post
Everyone seems quick to volunteer Detroit and Columbus moving to the west.
Both of those teams are EST, don't want to play in the west, and shouldn't be forced into it so that the east coast teams don't feel hard done by while riding the bus to their division rivals.

The western division having only seven teams isn't ideal but if teams in the east want to complain about it they should be given to option to move west themselves to remedy it. Put up or shut up.

I'm seeing a few people comment on the wild card existing in order to "balance" the 7 and 8 team divisions. I don't think this is the intent. The reason is to give teams in the tougher divisions a chamce to make the playoffs even if they don't finish in the top four.

I'm not certain of the wildcard rule scenario but I hope the cross divisional play is only invoked if the wildcard is actually used and it isn't automatically 1-8, 2-7 even if the top four in each division qualify.
The players have complained about the 16 team to 14 team imbalance, the league seems ok with it, as they're the ones who proposed it. The PA seems to think Detroit or Columbus should stay west (although I'm sure players from those teams themselves are not pleased). If the PA shoots down re-alignment again based on this issue, there will have to be one team pretty annoyed, and it will likely be Detroit.

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