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02-28-2013, 07:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
I thought it should have been Markov when Gionta got picked, and I think Markov should be the next one. This is of course considering he remains on our team.
Gorges said some real stupid things during lockout. He's our warrior, but I have a sense that when Markov speaks, everybody shuts up and listens, that includes Gorges.
To me, Markov is the most respected guy both on our team, and across the NHL.

He is mostly a leader on the ice. His hard battle through big major injuries only to come back and be as good as he has been speaks for itself.

To me it's not even a question. He is the guy.
I agree with you. I don't think Gorges would be the best pick.

Gorges strikes me as the type who really wants to be the leader. He's very vocal. Sometimes too vocal, as he does sometimes say some stupid divisive things, as he did during the lookout or during Subban-gate. He reminds me of a teacher's pet - forcefully repeating what the coach says, trying really hard to be the one who speaks up all the time. It gives off a little bit of a disingenuous vibe. On my teams, that type of person has a tendency to irritate me in the dressing room, and I have a feeling others on the Habs would feel that way about a Gorges-style captain and tune him out.

To Gorges' credit, he plays hard and he sets a good example, but so does Gionta. At least Gionta doesn't seem like the type to speak for the sake of speaking. Like Markov, I feel like when Gionta speaks, people would listen. However, I wouldn't have picked Gionta as captain either at the time. Markov or Plekanec would have been better choices given their seniority and commitment to the team (they also happen to be much better players - then and now).

However, if Gionta isn't a member of the team by next season, I'm not sure I would want Markov being captain, even though he should have been the guy back when Gionta was picked. I'm not sure how many more seasons he has left in him. Despite his superior poise with the puck and vision, his legs struggle to keep up. Maybe Markov or Plekanec is the guy you give the C to for a little while until one of our young skilled forwards is ready to take it (e.g. Gallagher or Galchenyuk).

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