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02-28-2013, 08:09 AM
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Originally Posted by tbcwpg View Post
The players have complained about the 16 team to 14 team imbalance, the league seems ok with it, as they're the ones who proposed it. The PA seems to think Detroit or Columbus should stay west (although I'm sure players from those teams themselves are not pleased). If the PA shoots down re-alignment again based on this issue, there will have to be one team pretty annoyed, and it will likely be Detroit.
Good, I hope it is rejected. It's stupid, in my opinion. Go 15 and 15, it's pretty simple math. Then have a division of 8 and 7 in each Conference.

The NHL is trying FAR too hard here to run this to absolute perfection in terms of geography. I've heard many upon many in the hockey world, media, etc.. say the same, and I fully agree. An imbalance in numbers from Conference to Conference is just silly in my opinion.

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