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02-28-2013, 08:34 AM
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Ugh. The lack of strategy always annoys me. Hope was given information, on a ****ing platter, that she was pretty much the target. She was also give information on who the vote would be split with. Even if Hope thought that two of the 6 would throw their vote for Shamar, she should have still voted Eddy. Worst case scenario there is a tie (4 Shamar, 4 Eddy, 1 Hope), this tie would go against Eddy as the two who voted Shamar out would have made their bed (it would now be (Hope, Reynold, the 2 girls vs. Matt, Michael + Sherri). If the worst case scenario doesn't happen, you get 4 eddie, 3 hope, and 2 shamar, and hope stays in the game an extra three days.

The alliance of 6 also screwed up royally. They need to flush that idol . If Reynold goes home, so be it. People have shown they are not smart enough to do what I suggest Hope had done, therefore you split the votes with Reynold and Hope. If you want the guy to use his idol, you put him in danger. You obviously leak the fact that you are trying to vote him and he has to use the idol, if not, you vote him out with the idol in his pocket.

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