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02-28-2013, 08:47 AM
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Rick Spielman was on KFAN recently and was talking about not drafting for need and if they draft at a strong position then competition can only help that position get better. Then, when talking about Ponder and the quarterback position, he said there will be no competition and Christian is their guy.

Feels like the organization is protecting Ponder a little too much. You'd think it would make sense to bring in somebody not named Joe Webb to at least challenge Ponder a little bit. If you do bring somebody in to challenge for the starter job then the you're more than likely getting the best starter out of the two on Sunday. If that's Ponder, that's great. I just think they don't want to face the reality that Ponder might not be the answer.

I honestly don't follow the Vikings much but it just seems that the Vikings are worrying too much about defending their decisions with Ponder rather than doing what's best for organization. I know professional egos are sensitive too, but Ponder shouldn't get all bent out of shape because the team brings somebody in who might actually be able to his job.

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