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02-28-2013, 09:09 AM
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wildcards! Oh and a play-in game between any teams tied in standings for the final slots in the East and West. Toss out the tie breakers, they're just going to follow the NCAA basketball format and let you play yourself into the tournament. More playoff revenues that way and a way to fill the void between the end of regular season and the start of the playoffs. Ratings dream! ESPN will get to broadcast the play-in game which will be hosted by the Columbus Blue Jackets since they got shafted out of an all-star game this year.

MOAR MARKETING. Budweiser Black Crown will be the beer sponsor along with Doritos who will air a customer made commercial featuring your own Harlem Shake video parody.

Then the on-ice slogan this year will be an apology to fans for the CBA lockout debacle and be seen spelled out "We're So Sorry" which will be spun out into a viral meme about how sorry the officials were during the playoffs.

That's a trip Can the Blue Jackets get a shot at Score-O between periods? Dubinsky should get a shot at a car, Steve Mason a cruise.