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Originally Posted by RangerBoy View Post
Messier was a charity event last night. He said the Rangers record isn't bad considering the number of injuries they have had. Leetch was also at the event. He said the Rangers still have 2/3 of the season to get going. It was an ESPN NY story. I heard Eddie Olczyk with Francesa on Tuesday. He said the Rangers need another center and D. Francesa also had on Micheletti on Tuesday. Joe said Slats will look to make a move which doesn't include moving core pieces. He made the point about the Rangers lacking the guy to QB the PP. Richards is supposed to be that guy. Richy is asking Vinny and Marty for advice. What is he doing wrong? They know him better than anyone. Eddie said the Rangers are the 13 version of LA if they can add another center and D. He ackowledged its not easy to acquire those players but that's what they need. I heard Kyper discussing the Rangers yesterday. He said Torts need to stop pushing so hard. He needs to lay off a bit and stop cracking the whip.
Seems like the Rangers have needed a C, a D, and a PPQB for years now. It even rhymes.

Watch the Bolts PP. Runs through MSL and always has. Boyle was the mobility along the blue line. Richards is just a center who can play the point. A true QB needs to be mobile. I watched the Flyers game last night. That PP runs through Giroux. The guy doesn't stand still for more than a half a second to take a one-timer.

I agree with Kyper's point though. Tortorella needs to strike a balance between motivation and anger.

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