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02-28-2013, 10:23 AM
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One of the annoying things about Netflix is that they have tonnes and tonnes of movies (on the US version at least) but the quality of most of those is below. They have a shockingly bad ratio of good to bad movies considering the fact that they can actually pick to some extent which ones to show and the classic selection on there isn't very good. Here's a few online on YT/Vimeo (rest are on 1channel I'd assume but can't watch that on the TV without XBMC):

Found North By Northwest full on Vimeo (which is good because the blu-ray player has a Vimeo add-on):

Rear Window (subs in Spanish meh):

Found Rear Window in full on Vimeo:

The Apartment in great quality on some site:

Roman Holiday in full on YT:

12 Angry Men in full:

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